Jessica DeLine
Baseball lover. Angels Fan. Trail Runner. Indie Filmmaker. Writer. InfoSec Manager.
Dirty Feet Productions founder. Softball/Baseball Coach & Player.



Jessica DeLine is an award winning screenwriter, filmmaker, trail runner, softball player/coach, race director, and founder of Dirty Feet Productions. Dirty Feet Productions puts on trail races (hence the Dirty Feet), makes independent films, data-driven websites, and does online sports software like Live RunCast, Tournament Track, and PlayCompete Team Stats.

As a filmmaker, Jessica worked as an associate producer on the award-winning documentary “The Eyes of Thailand”, narrated by Ashley Judd. She also recently worked as marketing/PR on the 10-time award winning film “My Run”, narrated by Academy Award Winner Billy Bob Thornton. Her screenplay "Killing me Softly" won a first place award at TrindieFest in 2012.

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